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Fuel Your Business Growth with Tailored AI Solutions

At PugliAI, we bridge the gap between your business goals and cutting-edge AI technology, crafting custom solutions designed to supercharge growth and innovation.

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Custom AI Solutions
for Every Business

Engineered for
Your Business Growth

Affordable Pathway
to AI Innovation

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Empower Your Business With Custom AI Solutions

We offer competitive pricing, custom-made services, and specialized expertise in generative AI, primed to future-proof your business, regardless of the sector.

AI Services Expertise

AI Content Generation

Data Management Services

AI Chatbots

AI-powered RPA

AI-powered Personalization

AI Training

AI Model Maintenance

Custom Model Development

AI Integration Services

Technologies we Use

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Prompt Engineering Mastery: Boost ChatGPT & AI Skills

A Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Effective Prompts for ChatGPT & Other AI Language Models with Real-World Applications

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The PugliAI Advantage

Experience Streamlined, Cost-Effective AI Solutions Designed for Startups and SMEs

Competitively Priced AI Solutions

Achieve outstanding results with our budget-friendly AI solutions, designed to give you a competitive edge by unlocking the power of AI and without straining your finances.

Custom AI Solutions on Your Business Case

Our team of experts collaborates with you to understand your unique business goals, crafting AI solutions that directly address your challenges and drive success.

Accessible Top-Tier AI Expertise

With PugliAI, you gain access to top-tier generative AI talent at an affordable price, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology.

Infused with the Spirit of Apulian Culture

We're passionate about the rich heritage of the Apulian region and channel this essence into our innovative AI solutions, delivering exceptional value with a touch of local flavor.

AI Success Stories

Unlock the Power of AI for Your Business

See how PugliAI's AI solutions have transformed businesses across various industries.

Analyzes job seekers' profiles and recommends fitting job opportunities, improving satisfaction for job seekers and employers.
  • Challenge: 
    Not having a custom travel guide built based on your social values and app utilization.
  • Solution:
    AI Content Generation
    Created an AI-powered scoring system based on the impact of the activity and your personal preferences. Resulting in a 30% increase in booking conversions.
Revolutionized the dining experience through an AI-powered chatbot, seamlessly guiding users to find and book the perfect restaurant tailored results.
  • Challenge: 
    Difficult to find the right restaurant that takes into account your food preferences and your needs.
  • Solution:
    AI Chatbots
    Created an AI-powered chatbot to guide the user in selecting and booking the right restorant.
Streamlined home renovation cost estimation with 90% accuracy, utilizing our custom-developed AI model to process complex data and market conditions.
  • Challenge: 
    Difficult to estimate the cost and time of home renovation due to many different data points and market conditions.
  • Solution:
    Custom Model Development
    Process all the different data to train a dynamic AI model to estimate housing renovation costs with 90% accuracy.
Mastered the property valuation process by creating smart AI crawlers, which collected and normalized data from various sources.
  • Challenge: 
    Collect, process, and integrate training data for retail properties in all of Berlin.
  • Solution:
    Data Management Services
    Develop different smart AI crawlers to collect and normalize the data from different websites used in training an automated valuation model for properties.
Enhanced job matching with our AI-powered personalization platform, ensuring job seekers and employers find the perfect fit based on skills and preferences.
  • Challenge: 
    Hard to match job seekers with suitable jobs based on skills and preferences.
  • Solution:
    AI-Powered Personalization
    Create an AI platform that analyzes job seekers' profiles and recommends fitting job opportunities, improving satisfaction for job seekers and employers.

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PugliAI collaborates with top universities and startup studios to build cutting-edge AI solutions.
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